Meet Jennie

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me.

I’m a coach specializing in relationships and personal development. I’m also a mom, a single parent, and an open, loving co-parent.

I live just outside Austin, Texas with my three amazing kids. In my spare time, I grow plants and flowers in my garden. The cyclical nature of gardening keeps me grounded.

I am here to help you improve yourself and your personal relationships. I’m also here to guide you through ending a relationship with integrity, when needed. My goals are to help you gain emotional freedom and reach your greatest potential.

Years ago, I embarked on a healing journey that I could’ve never dreamed possible. After a dark night of the soul involving the deaths of three loved ones, a cancer diagnosis, and the end of a significant romantic relationship, I was desperate for help.

Fortunately, I found the help I needed from a team of people who supported my healing journey.

Through a mix of traditional medicine and holistic, integrative healing, I was able to recover, not only from cancer, but also from things that I thought would haunt me and cloud my life forever.

Through mentorship, studying, and personal coaching by Fran Bell, Noelle Davis, and Katherine Woodward Thomas, I was able to stop feeling like a victim for what seemed like the first time in my life. I was able to tune in to my emotions instead of trying to numb them. I was able to identify and root out old patterns of behavior that had been holding me back since childhood.

Doing this allowed me to heal and transform my relationship with myself and those closest to me. Taking these steps empowered me to set off on a new course in life that is incredibly rewarding.

My life’s calling is to pass along the knowledge and wisdom around relationships and personal development that have been shared with me. I am determined to help others heal, transform, and transcend to be their best, most wholehearted selves.


I am certified a Conscious Uncoupling Coach and was personally trained and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas who wrote the book Conscious Uncoupling. I am also certified in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead program.

About My Process

I am a coach, not a therapist. While therapy can be a very useful tool in healing, it doesn’t always move us forward. Therapy can be great for figuring out your past. Coaching is about the future you are being called to.

When you work with me, we will harvest information from your past only in service to transforming old patterns that no longer serve you. Please join me to move through a process that will help you find emotional freedom from the past and allow you move forward to live out your greatest potential.

Are my services right for you?

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