Calling in the One

What is Calling In The One?

Calling In The One is a seven-week process to help you get yourself in order and attract the perfect romantic partner.

Maybe, in the past, you were disappointed by love, so you shut the door to it and swore off love. Maybe you keep finding yourself in yet another relationship that is all about the other person and you once again don’t get your needs met.

Our human brains are capable of big changes. Scientists call it neuroplasticity. Rather than repeating the same mistakes over and over, let’s learn from the past in order to improve the future.

Even if your heart has been broken repeatedly, there is hope. In Katherine Woodward Thomas’s best-selling book Calling In The One, she lays out a seven-week process to get you ready to find the perfect romantic partner for you.

Week 1. Preparing for Love

Week 2. Completing Your Past

Week 3. Transforming Your Love Identity

Week 4. Setting Your Course

Week 5. First Things First

Week 6. A Life Worth Living

Week 7. Living Love Fulfilled

This process will help you prepare for and find true connection in a fulfilling relationship with the love of your life. Each week has a new lesson and each day has exercises to help guide you manifest the love of your dreams. I’ve studied with the author of this book, Katherine Woodward Thomas, and I am in training to be a certified Calling In The One Coach. I look forward to helping you find the perfect love for you!

Calling In The One Program

(1) 1 hour session $60

(10) 1 hour sessions $500

If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time of your life.

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